• Understanding the difference between zoning bi-laws and building code requirements
  • How to layout your new house to maximize property value
  • How to expand on an existing house to maximize property value
  • Reading floor plans introduction
  • Studying openings orientation in relation to light, view, noise and building code limitations
  • Understanding the applicable permits required and how to apply for them


“The Best Christmas Present”
We get to be asked this question a lot this time of the year “What was the best Christmas present you ever had?” Some would say a nice watch, a cool phone, a giant diamond ring.. but for me the best Christmas present I ever had was a set of building blocks I got from my parents when I was 4. I remember spending hours building homes and castles that I took down reluctantly only to build another structure to show off proudly to family and friends visiting us during the Holidays.  Ever since then, architecture became a passion of mine.  I used stroll our old Baghdad neighborhood with my father, following up on construction progress.  When my older sister enrolled in her architectural program, I used to help her construct her university projects models, and boy was that fun! I knew I had to become an Architect, and an Architect is what I became.  Like the building blocks structures I used to make decades ago, I am building Studio ArchiFad block by block. What a great present that taught me a skill that served me a life time. I wish you would get the right present this Christmas that would last you a lifetime.



Mission Statement

ArchiFad knows that architecture is more than designing buildings. We  work with our clients to craft memorable spaces.

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