How are We to Limit The Impact of Urban Sprawl on The Environment

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Urban sprawl is an inevitable outcome of population growth.  No matter what regulations authorities induce, urban sprawl can be restricted but it cannot be stopped. A well prepared Municipality Official Plan is a great way to regulate sprawl.

Housing developments are often the first to cause trees to go down, hills to be flattened and natural habitat of many animals to be destroyed. Transportation to these new developments has even a greater impact on the environment, as these developments are remote and the daily prolonged commute for its residents is adding further damage.

The importance of a correct sustainable land planning is essential to minimize the negative impact of urban sprawl.

The most crucial issues to minimize the negative impact of urban sprawl on the environment are:

1- Building orientation that allows energy efficient designs and least excavation. Good architects can do wonders with site planning, building designs and orientation. Developers; ensure you have an architect on board at early stages, as early as feasibility and site constrains stages, this is beyond discussion. 

2- Transit and public transportation. We all know how long of a process it is before we see efficient public transportation feeding new suburban developments, so let’s be patient about this point.

3- Land use and preservation areas. The good balance of land use to sustain new developments is the first thing to be addressed diligently, to minimize the need to link back to adjacent cites. By good balance I mean enough establishments to cover the daily needs of those residents of the new developments (i.e. Schools, medical clinics if not a hospital, grocery stores, parks and entertainment etc.). All this + at least one anchor employer. Anchor Employer is very important to nourish a new development. We have witnessed several cities that thrived due to having that one anchor employer to act like a magnet for workers as well as visitors, take for example Canada Wonderland for Vaughan and IBM for Markham.

That is the reason you find there are all sort of government incentives for anchor employers to build premises in green fields, prior to granting development permits for residential projects. Urban sprawl is inevitable but we have to plan wisely for it.

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